We hate to brag. So we'll let the United States Auto Club do it for us. Toyota's 5,000 lb. cushion internal combustion lift trucks came out on top for fuel efficiency and productivity in a recent independent testing conducted by USAC Properties, Inc., the performance testing and endorsement arm for the United States auto Club. The Toyota internal combustion 5,000 lb. cushion lift truck was tested against similarly equipped Caterpillar, Yale and Nissan models.

Unbeatable Fuel Efficiency. With the rapidly increasing cost of fuel, the need for fuel efficient lift trucks is more critical than ever. Test results demonstrate Toyota is the most fuel efficient lift truck, translating into potentially thousands of dollars in savings per year. Unbeatable Performance. Today’s lift truck applications demand higher levels of throughput. Toyota’s top ranking in cycles per day results in more work completed every day and demonstrates Toyota’s overall performance advantage. Unbeatable Productivity. Compared to the larger Caterpillar/Nissan 2.5L engine, the more fuel-efficient Toyota 4Y-ECS 2.2L engine provides the same high level of productivity in terms of completed cycles per day. The Toyota, however, is more productive since it will continue to work up to 44 minutes after the Caterpillar/Nissan runs out of fuel, based on run time per LPG tank. Fewer tank exchanges equals more productivity.

USAC Properties provides full service automotive testing projects, seal of approval, product certificates and licensing. The testing has developed a highly regarded reputation in this field for delivering accurate and reliable product evaluations.

Fuel Efficiency and Productivity information and rankings derived directly from independent 3rd party test data (Reference USAC Properties, Inc. Certification No. 11-CPC-249). Efficiency rankings based on LPG fuel consumed per hour. Productivity rankings based on two criteria: run time per LPG tank and cycles completed per work day. All lift trucks were configured with LPG fuel systems meeting 2011 EPA and CARB emission requirements and driven less than 600 hours. The following equivalently equipped models were used in the USAC test: Toyota 8FGCU25 with Toyota 4Y-ECS 2.2L Engine, Nissan CF50LP with Nissan K21 2.1L engine, Yale GLC050VX with Mazda F2 2.2L engine, Caterpillar 2C5000 with Nissan K25 2.5L engine. Results for the Hyster S50FT, Nissan CFU50LP with K25 engine (Power & Soft Mode) and Mitsubishi FGC25N with K21 engine (Power Mode) were derived from the Yale GLC050VX, Caterpillar 2C5000 with K25 engine (Power & Soft Mode) and Nissan CF50LP with K21 engine (Power Mode) test results, respectively since they share the same platform and powertrain.