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7 Brand New Products

In 2015, Toyota introduced six new forklifts and a brand new vehicle management system, T-Matics. The new forklifts include: the 3-Wheel Electric forklift, the new and improved Toyota Reach Truck, a new Walkie Stacker, a new Electric Pallet Jack, the 80V Electric Pneumatic forklift and the High-Capacity IC forklift. With these new additions, Toyota offers the largest, most dependable full-service product line on the market.

Time is Running Out!

It's time to spend the rest of this year's budget or risk getting slashed next year! What do you need to make 2016 the year of better productivity and cost efficiency?

New Toyota forklifts lead the industry in many key performance metrics and special incentives are in place that won't last into the new year. Order your new Toyota forklift today!

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