Toyota Redefining Environmental Responsibility
Toyota has a rich history of environmental stewardship that stems from the corporate doctrine of parent company Toyota Industries Corporation. No other forklift manufacturer, and not many companies in general, can match Toyota’s history of protecting the environment while advancing the economy. For example, Toyota has made environmental accounting-a process that evaluates the effectiveness of environmental activities from the perspective of cost-a key aspect of corporate decision-making.

Toyota remains the first and only manufacturer to offer UL-listed, EPA and CARB-certified Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) powered forklifts.

Toyota Environmental Policies:

  1. Toyota will conduct corporate activities that are considerate of the environment from development through design, production, use and disposal, to provide clean and safe products.
  2. Strive to intensify environmental management, including that of consolidated subsidiaries, for the further advancement of corporate activities that support environmental protection.
  3. Promote social contribution, information disclosure and knowledge through wide-ranging cooperation with society on environmental protection, with the ultimate aim of achieving a better global environment.