Enhance Your Material Handling Safety with Toyota Accessories

Toyota provides a variety of quality accessories for your lift truck that, depending on your specific application, may provide additional safety benefits in your workplace. These accessories include back up alarms of various sound levels, flashing/strobe lights in a variety of colors, and various shapes and sizes of mirrors.

  • Toyota Forklift Top
  • Toyota Forklift Front Mirrors
  • Toyota Forklift Part

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have established rigorous requirements for the design and operation of industrial trucks.

Your Toyota lift truck has been designed to meet and exceed those requirements. As part of Toyota's commitment to safety, standard safety features have been designed into each lift truck. These include safety devices such as overhead guards, operator restraint systems, manually operated horns, skid resistant entry/exit steps, operator assist grips and ergonomic placement of hydraulic controls.

As your Toyota lift truck becomes a part of your company's unique work environment, both ANSI and OSHA require you to evaluate and determine whether your lift truck should be equipped with additional accessories. Toyota lift trucks are designed for maximum comfort and unobstructed visibility to the rear of the lift truck. Many conditions, often unique to your work environment, affect the determination as to whether your lift truck should be equipped with additional accessories, and if so, the proper type of accessories that should be installed. These conditions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • High noise levels
  • Lighting conditions
  • High pedestrian traffic
  • Enclosed area operation
  • Limited aisle space
  • Ground surfaces
  • Hazardous or unique materials handling

Toyota Forklift PartToyota strongly suggests that you consult with a safety professional familiar with your type of industrial setting when assessing your specific workplace application requirements.

For more information on Toyota accessories, please contact your local Toyota Industrial Equipment dealer.

Click here to download the Toyota Accessories Brochure.