Toyota Training Videos

Keep Your Operators Mindful of Safety

Toyota offers several videos to keep your staff informed of safe operating practices. These videos include:

Class I, IV & V

It's important for operations of counterbalanced forklifts to have access to specific truck related safety training. Unsafe material handling affects your bottom line. Properly trained operators can reduce accidents and increase productivity. This program meets and exceeds your training requirements.

Pedestrian Safety

Serious accidents can happen when people work in close proximity to heavy equipment. This is especially true when employees do not know proper safety procedures. This program provides the necessary information and general instruction on pedestrian safety when working in a forklift environment.

Class II

Narrow aisle and high-reach storage environments require specialized equipment. Specialized equipment demands specialized safety training. This program will provide the necessary safety information for these environments while demonstrating safe work habits.

Class III

Prevent costly and harmful accidents by properly training your electric pallet jack operators. Many companies rely on these trucks to reduce the number of injuries associated with moving heavy loads. There is a potential for injury to operators if not used correctly. This program provides guidance on proper operation for nearly any situation, no matter how big or small.

Class VI

Tow tractors are designed to push and pull thousands of pounds from one place to another. The work environment is typically busy and can be quite dangerous. Increase productivity and safety by properly training operators. This is an effective and comprehensive training program to meet your needs.

Contact your Toyota dealer for a full list of videos and operator training kits. To find the dealer in your area, visit our Dealer Locator.