6-Series Order Picker

Electric Order Picker

  • 3,000 lbs. Lifting Capacity

Toyota 6-Series electric 3,000 lb. capacity order picker will revolutionize the way materials are handled. From the versatility of the latest electronic control technology to the comfort and convenience of an ergonomically designed operator compartment, Toyota's 6-Series order picker represents dramatic approach to order picker performance and quality.

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Toyota Forklift
  • Cushioned floor and brake pedal
  • Spacious 39" wide operator compartment
  • Flip-up nested sidegates
  • Amenities tray
  • Clipboard and work material storage compartments
  • Low-effort brake pedal
  • Optional twin light and fan package with independent controls


Toyota Forklift Parts
  • Toyota Advanced Control System (TACS) with Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET)
  • Separately excited shunt wound traction motor system
  • Series wound hydraulic lift motor with pulse width modulation (PWM)
    • Interactive digital display panel
    • Multi-functional hour meter
    • Time and date display
    • Programmable travel, acceleration and lift speeds; as well as coast control
  • Built-in analyzer with self-diagnostics


Toyota Forklift
  • Intuitively mapped multi-functional control handle
  • Pallet centering guide with automatic clamp
  • Wide-view 2-stage and 3-stage masts


Toyota Forklift Steering
  • Electronic power steering
  • Drive wheel direction indicator
  • Automatic return to center drive wheel upon start-up

Specification Chart

Model Load Capacity* (lbs.) Voltage (V) Baselegs Overall Width (in.) Battery Compartment Width (in.) Maximum Fork Height (in.) Travel Speed Empty (m.p.h.) Lift Speed Empty (f.p.m.) Lower Speed Empty (f.p.m.)
6BPU15 3,000 24 40 to 56 14.5 V to 241
FSV to 315
5.7 56 70

* Based on 24" load center.