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Toyota Forklifts is more than just the leader in the forklift industry, it's a great place to work. We offer opportunities in sales, marketing, customer service, technical and more. Join our industry-leading team.

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Toyota Forklifts is not only a leader in the forklift industry, but a great place to work. We are continually seeking out individuals who are talented, motivated and fit our corporate culture of professionalism, friendliness and dedication. We hire for attitude and aptitude.

There are opportunities for sales, marketing, customer service, logistics and more within our corporate offices. If you think you'd be a good fit for the Toyota Forklifts culture and are searching for an exciting career within a quickly growing company, check our careers page for opportunities that might suit you.

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Toyota Heritage

/ 1956 – The First Toyota Forklift was manufactured

/ 1974 – Established Toyota Industrial Trucks USA Inc.

/ 1982 – All Forklift Models Became Orange

/ 1990 – Forklift Production Began at TIEM in Columbus, IN

/ 1995 – Cumulative Production Reached 1,000,000

/ 2008 – Cumulative Production Reached 2,000,000

Toyota Values

Be faithful to your duties, thereby contributing to the company and to the overall good of society.

Be ahead of the times through endless creativity, curiosity and pursuit of improvement.

Be practical and avoid frivolity.

Be kind and generous — strive to create a warm, homelike atmosphere.

Be humble and show gratitude for things great and small.

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