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Parts Consignment

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What is a Parts Consignment?

Toyota's parts consignment programs are available through participating dealers and are customized to specific customer needs. Most commonly found in customer locations where in-house service technicians perform most forklift maintenance, a parts consignment program will include the most common forklift replacement parts or is designed as part of a parts forecast where parts are pre-ordered and delivered on-site for future needs. Parts consignment programs help increase uptime by making sure that forklift parts are on-hand and there is no wait for delivery or sourcing.
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Forklift Uptime Advantages

Uptime is what we, in the material handling industry, all strive for. When we’re in uptime, we’re firing on all cylinders and getting more work done. Toyota Genuine Parts are manufactured and engineered to work seamlessly with other parts in your Toyota forklift. When a Toyota Genuine Part is your replacement part, you are upgrading your equipment and increasing your uptime.
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