3 Reasons to Explore Toyota Forklift Maintenance Plans

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It’s your forklift, but it has our name on it, and we take pride in every one of our products. To help keep your forklift running like new, Toyota offers flexible forklift maintenance plans ranging from full-maintenance to custom planned maintenance (PMs) to individualized services.

Whatever plan is best for you, Toyota is well equipped to be the only forklift partner you need:

1.TForklift Serviceoyota certified technicians have earned the title. Toyota certified technicians are factory-trained with a focus on continuous training and improvement.

2. Finding someone to help is easy. Toyota casts a large net. We have more than 220 dealership locations across North America. Whether you need your local dealer or your forklift is off site and needing repair, Toyota is there for you.

3. Only source for Toyota Genuine Parts. Our parts are often imitated, but never duplicated. The only place you can get true Toyota replacement parts is from an authorized Toyota forklift dealer. Don’t be fooled by cheap, third-party imitators.

We know your forklift purchase is about more than just a piece of equipment and we are here to support you throughout the entirety of your ownership.

For pricing, parts & more, click here to find a dealer near you.

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