Toyota Certified Used Forklifts

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If you’ve considered buying a used forklift, you’ve probably heard the term “certified-used” and wondered what the difference between certified-used and used is. Select Toyota forklift dealers offer certified-used plans where they add additional warranty or guarantees to a used forklift.

When you’re buying a used forklift, certified-used is another step of protection. With certified used, you usually get a warranty and a guarantee that the seller will pay for all or some of needed repairs during a select period of time.

Both new and used forklifts have their advantages, much the same as new and used cars....But, keep in mind, it is much easier to call a cab if your car breaks down than it is to find another way to lift 5,000 lbs. 20 feet in the air. If you decide a used forklift is right for you, be sure to inquire about any sort of certified-used programs, additional warranty protection and/or other guarantees to the forklift.

Note: Certified-used forklifts are only available at participating Toyota forklift dealerships. Before purchase, always ask what warranty and guarantees are available.

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