4 Reasons to Trust Toyota Forklift Engines

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Toyota Forklift Engine Toyota Forklift Engine

Toyota 1KD Diesel Forklift Engine

Toyota not only manufactures the world’s top selling forklifts, we also manufacture the engines that power them. Maintaining total control over the power supply has helped Toyota forklifts maintain the highest rankings in overall quality, durability, and reliability over other forklifts on the market.

Check out these four reasons to trust Toyota forklift engines:

  1. Designed with a single focus. Toyota’s forklift engines are designed and engineered as forklift engines from the ground up. They are not converted automotive or agriculture engines.

  2. Tested for quality and dependability. Toyota’s forklift engines undergo grueling tests, including two years of design calibration and well over 10,000 hours of dyno testing.

  3. Built with pride. Toyota forklift engines are manufactured right next to Toyota’s world-renowned 4Y and 1DZ-III engines at Toyota’s own engine plants in Japan.

  4. Experience counts. Since 1956, Toyota has built nearly 5 million industrial engines.

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