4 Reasons You Need a Fleet Management System

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“It’s like you have eyes in the back of your head!” Ever heard that phrase? With a fleet management system, facility management will have eyes in the back of their heads - and everywhere else for that matter.

Consider these four reasons why you need a fleet management system:

  • You can save a substantial amount of money. Having too many forklifts in your fleet, the wrong forklifts and/or forklifts that are down for maintenance, is very costly. TOYOTA FLEET gives you tangible data on your forklifts and helps you make improvements.

  • You can effectively manage forklift utilization. You may have wondered if your fleet was the right size, but weren’t really sure. With TOYOTA FLEET, you can see your forklift utilization and decide if you need additional assets or if you can retire assets.

  • No one can damage your forklifts without you knowing. Let’s face it: you can’t be all the places all at once. However, with TOYOTA FLEET’s T-Matics COMMAND®, you can. Each operator will be required to “log in” when they get on the forklift, so you’ll know exactly who was driving at the time of an accident.

  • You can keep better track of maintenance. TOYOTA FLEET helps guide appropriate maintenance cycles.

TOYOTA FLEET is your answer to being everywhere at once. For more information on TOYOTA FLEET’s product line, contact your local Toyota forklift dealer.

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