4 Signs it's Time to Replace Your Forklift Tires

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Forklifts don’t have a traditional suspension system so the entire weight of the forklift rests on the tires. Average-sized forklift tires support nearly 10,000 lbs.!Forklift Tires Using a forklift with tires that need to be replaced can damage your forklift and create a dangerous environment for your operator as well as others nearby. Tires that need to be replaced can cause your forklift to be unstable. Riding in a forklift that needs to have its tires changed is uncomfortable for the operator and can lead to fatigue and mistakes.

Because tires that need to be replaced can become a hazard, it’s important to know how to tell when it’s time to change yours. Check out these four signs when it’s time to replace your tires and watch for them to avoid danger and extra wear on your forklift.

  • Tires worn over the wear line. Your forklift tires have a wear line, often called the 50% wear line. When the wear of your tires reach that line, it’s time to replace.

  • Chunking. If pieces, or chunks, of your forklift tires are falling off, that’s a good sign you need to replace them.

  • Tearing on the tires. Similar to chunking, if your tires are tearing off in spots, they need to be replaced.

  • Flat Spots: Your tires should be round, if they’re flat in any place, it’s time to replace them.

Your local Toyota forklift dealer can provide new tires via the one-stop-shop STARLIFT Parts Program.

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