Toyota's SAS Protects Forklift Operators

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System of Active StabilityToyota engineers developed a dynamic system comprised of 10 sensors, 3 actuators and a controller which protects the driver, load and surrounding environment while facilitating efficient, productive material handling. System of Active Stability (SAS) works by continually monitoring the forklift’s operations and automatically taking protective action when needed.

Here are four ways SAS protects your operators:

  • When the SAS sensors on 4-wheel forklifts inform the controller that the forklift is potentially becoming unstable, the hydraulic Swing Lock Cylinder on the rear axle engages, instantly changing the stability footprint from a triangular shape to a larger rectangular shape. This increases forklift stability and substantially reduces the risk of a lateral overturn condition.

  • Since transforming the safety triangle to a rectangle is not possible with a 3-wheel configuration, SAS takes a different approach to safeguarding stability of 3-wheel forklift models. Excessive speed when cornering is a leading risk factor for lateral tip-over accidents. The Speed Reduction When Cornering feature overrides manual controls by limiting the drive speed when cornering.

  • Front Tilt Angle Control monitors the load height and mast position and automatically limits the forward tilt angle of the mast for better load control. This feature decreases the chance the forklift of tipping forward (longitudinally) or dropping the load.

  • Rear Tilt Speed Control limits the mast’s back tilt speed depending on the lift height, reducing the risk of dropped loads for enhanced control and easier and productive handling of loads at height. Without this feature the backward tilting speed of the mast could result in the mast reaching its maximum backward angle abruptly, causing goods to slip backwards over the mast.

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