5 Common Mistakes When Buying a Forklift

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  1. Buying on price alone. Don’t be tempted to buy the cheapest forklift that meets your minimum capacity requirements. There are many other important factors to consider before buying a forklift.

  2. Not trying before you buy. Once you’ve decided the make and model of the forklift you want, rent one to try it out in your actual work conditions. Make sure your operator has input, too. They will be the one driving it all day.

  3. Not buying from a dependable dealer. Buy your forklift from a reputable dealer who can perform emergency and general maintenance when you need it. Otherwise, you risk considerable downtime if your forklift breaks down.

  4. Not considering total cost of ownership. Spending a little more up front can be an investment down the road, especially if your operations can become more efficient and productive over time.

  5. Not considering a maintenance planGetting on a maintenance plan helps catch problems early to reduce downtime and keeps your operators safe with regular inspections. Maintenance plans can also help increase the life of a forklift.

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