5 Forklift Safety Training Tips for Your Warehouse

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Toyota Warehouse safety tipsYou probably feel relatively safe walking around forklifts, right? Most people do. However, you may not be as safe as you feel if you aren’t careful. Forklifts weigh as much as a bus, and even the most skilled operators do not always see pedestrians, making it highly unsafe to ever assume having the “right of way” means you won’t be hit.

Check out these five common misconceptions held by pedestrians when working or walking around forklifts. Dispel these myths, and you’ll be far less likely to encounter unfortunate collision-related injuries and deaths.

  1. If you can see the forklift, the forklift operator can see you. Depending on what the forklift is carrying and where you are walking, the forklift operator may not be able to see you. Make eye contact whenever possible.

  2. If you have common sense, you’ll be just fine walking in a warehouse full of forklifts. Common sense, though valuable, is not enough to keep pedestrians safe while walking in a warehouse.

  3. Only forklift operators need to be trained in warehouse safety. As previously mentioned, common sense is not enough for pedestrians to be safe in the warehouse. Training for pedestrians in the warehouse is imperative in avoiding accidents.

  4. The forklift operator can stop the forklift at a moment’s notice, should a pedestrian walk out in front of one. Depending on what the forklift is carrying, it can be thousands, and even tens of thousands of pounds. Getting a forklift to stop can take a few seconds, which can be a few seconds too many if a pedestrian is walking in front of it.

  5. As long as you’re watching out for incoming forklifts, you’ll be okay in the warehouse. Unfortunately, being struck by a forklift isn’t the only thing that can happen in a warehouse, there are other dangers too. Training pedestrians will make them aware of all potential dangers.

For more information on how you can have your operators and pedestrians properly trained, contact your local Toyota forklifts dealer.

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