5 Ways to Prevent Damage to Your Forklift Forks

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The forks on your forklift are arguably the most important component of the forklift. After all, you wouldn’t be able to lift things if it weren’t for the forks. Keeping your forks in good repair and working properly is imperative.

Follow these 5 tips for preventing damage to your forks:Forks

  • Protect the heel. The weight of your load is carried on the heel of your forklift, so it’s vital that you keep that part protected, always. Don’t drag, or apply heat to the heel, which can cause damage and make your forks vulnerable to dropping loads.

  • Don’t use your forks for anything other than lifting. You’ve probably seen it before – forklift operators will occasionally use the forks on their forklifts to pry things open or push them. Don’t do it. Using your forks for anything other than what they’re made for can cause serious damage.

  • Don’t lift loads that exceed your forklift’s maximum capacity. Your forklift comes with a capacity rating for a reason. Pay attention and obey it.

  • Don’t let your forks hit the ground. Bring your loads down slowly and don’t let the forks hit the ground, which can cause cracks.

  • Use both forks, always. Never try to lift anything with just one fork. Your forks are meant to be used together and using just one can cause bending or cracking.

Replacement forks are readily available from your Toyota forklift dealer through Toyota’s one-stop-shop STARLIFT Parts program. For more information on your forklift forks, contact your Toyota dealer.

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