7 Times a Short-Term Forklift Rental Makes Sense

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Have an unexpectedly good quarter? Land a new, high-volume deal? Need a special attachment to handle an unusual product? These are just a few times a short-term forklift rental makes practical and financial sense. When else should you consider a short-term rental?

  • When you need quality material handling equipment at very short notice

  • When your business requires additional equipment for seasonal and peak demands

  • When you want to minimize surplus and idle equipment during off-peak periods

  • When you want the opportunity to evaluate product and dealership capabilities

  • When you need to operate and function under tight budget constraints

  • When you need to handle unusual loads for a short time

  • When you have a forklift out of service for repairs

Collectively, Toyota Forklift dealerships provide some of the best forklift rental solutions in North America. Contact your Toyota forklift dealer today or visit one of the 220 locations across the United States and Canada.

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