Increase Uptime With Planned Maintenance

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Downtime is the single costliest expense a company can face. Toyota offers financially sound forklift maintenance plans. Here are seven ways a forklift planned maintenance program will increase your uptime and save you money:

  1. You will have more time for your business by not having to deal with servicing/maintaining your forklifts.

  2. You will save time not having to schedule maintenance or wait for an available forklift technician.

  3. You will reduce your cost of repairs by catching problems early, before they become larger, more costly or cause collateral damage.

  4. You can help avoid costly workplace accidents and potential fines by keeping your forklift operators safe with regular inspections.

  5. You won’t need to spend money on onsite mechanics to get a technician to your facility.

  6. You won’t have unexpected maintenance bills. Typically with a PM, you pay a pay one fixed rate for labor. Your only variable expenses are the actual replacement parts.  PMs are determined by usage intervals and travel time is often negotiated in the contract.

  7. Typically, you will get a higher trade-in value when you sell your forklift.

For more information on available PM plans, contact your local Toyota forklift dealer.

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