7 Tips for Optimizing Your Forklift Fleet

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It’s all about productivity when it comes to your forklifts and industrial equipment. Below are seven tips to help you increase your productivity and your ROI:

  1. Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 9.28.40 PMGet on a maintenance plan. Toyota forklift dealers typically offer Planned Maintenance (PM) or Full Maintenance (FM) plans. A proper maintenance plan can dramatically reduce downtime on your forklift fleet and help plan expenses.

  2. Have your dealer perform a service inspection.  Service inspections can help diagnose problems early and can help point you towards the maintenance plan that is best for you. An initial service inspection is also a great way to figure out your maintenance schedule.

  3. Perform a daily forklift inspection. If something fails the inspection, shut down the forklift until your in-house technician addresses the problem or contact your Toyota dealer or Toyota Certified Technician.

  4. Make sure your operator is in a comfortable position. A comfortable operator is a more productive operator. Strong ergonomic features can also help lessen potential worker’s comp issues.

  5. Improve your warehouse layout. Try to reduce travel time within the warehouse by rearranging aisles within your space.  Contact your Toyota dealer for help with warehouse space planning.

  6. Consider an attachment. Sometimes all you need is a specialized attachment to dramatically increase productivity.  Toyota offers forklift attachments via Toyota Genuine Parts and the STARLIFT one-stop-shop parts program.

  7.  Train your operators. Operators who know how to use the equipment properly are faster and make fewer mistakes than untrained operators.

For ideas on how to increase your productivity or for help maintaining your forklifts or training your operators contact your local Toyota forklift dealer.

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