8 Forklift Insights From Toyota

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8 Forklift Insights From Toyota

  1. IC forklifts up to 6,500 lb. capacity (Core IC pneumatics) continue to be the most popular models.Man Driving Forklift

  2. Buyers are more savvy about features that save them money or time.

  3. Ergonomics will continue to be emphasized as the operator’s comfort plays a large role in productivity.

  4. Concern for the well-being of employees and the company’s bottom line results in forklifts being considered based on safety features and low operating costs.

  5. There is great interest in new technologies, such as fuel cell and hybrid vehicles. Hybrids offer potential for those wanting to save on fuel, but need an IC for their specific application. It will be the product that closes the gap between electric and IC forklifts.

  6. Customers are more service-oriented and want more turnkey solutions. Rather than purchasing a forklift, they are looking for a package. Beyond fleet management and full maintenance, this might mean offering forklifts by the hour and including an operator.

  7. From a manufacturing perspective, customization is one of the largest trends. Ten years ago, Toyota Special Design Requests (TSDR) accounted for less than 15% of our business, today, nearly one-out-out-of-four forklifts have a TSDR. We are happy to offer this level of customization and customer service.

  8. Purchasers are bringing operators with them to influence purchase decisions.

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