Benefits of Leasing Forklifts

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Leasing a forklift is an attractive option for nearly every business. There are so many benefits to leasing, you may ask yourself, “Why wouldn’t I lease?” At Toyota Commercial Finance, we ask ourselves the same question.

LeToyota Salesmanasing Benefits

1. Simplifies the management of your fleet

  • Eliminates the work associated with fleet ownership (acquisition/disposition/tracking)

2. State-of-the-art fleet

  • Planned replacement program increases uptime and productivity

  • Capitalize on latest innovations

  • Complete Fleet Management options

3. Avoid operational obsolescence

  • No ownership risk

  • Flexibility to address future changes in fleet size or specification

4. Conserve cash and other credit lines

  • Fixed expenses throughout the life of the lease

  • Keep bank lines open for business reinvestment or emergency expenses.

5. Net After-tax advantages

  • Lease terms are shorter than the Federal Tax guidelines for MACRS depreciation – leasing provides for “faster” capital recovery.

  • Payments are flexible allowing lease expense to match lessee need.

  • Lower payments from leasing improves cash flow.

  • Lease payments will usually have less impact on book earnings during the early years of the lease than will depreciation and interest payment associated with the purchase and/or financing of the same equipment.


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