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When you’re looking to buy a forklift, you may start to wonder if you should purchase it new or used. To help guide your decision making, take a look at this comparison chart:


  • You can get the very newest model

  • You'll pay list price

  • You know how the forklift has been maintained

  • Higher overhead

  • The life of the forklift under your care will be longer.

  • You get exactly what you want

  • Came directly from the factory

  • Genuine parts


  • You likely won't get the newest model

  • You'll pay whatever the seller wants and you can negotiate

  • Less overhead

  • Since someone else has used the forklift and put hours on it, it probably won't last as long as a new one.

  • You may have to forego a few features you wanted

  • May have been leased, then rented, then sold as used, depending on residuals

  • Unknown parts and past maintenance.

Like purchasing a vehicle, both new and used forklifts have their advantages, but just remember, it’s much easier to call a cab when your car breaks down than it is to lift 5,000 lbs. 20 feet in the air when your forklift breaks down. Consider your needs and decide whether a new or used forklift is right for you.

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