Health & Safety of Employees

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Maintaining the health and safety of your employees isn’t just imperative to the success of your business - is your legal responsibility under OSHA's General Duty Clause. An unsafe workplace environment can have a much deeper impact than just lost time and productivity or increased cost. Working in unsuitable conditions or operating unsafe machinery can cause considerable damage or even fatal outcomes.

What measures can you take to ensure the safety of your employees and their work environment?

  • Be sure that only trained operators are using any forklifts or other equipment.

  • All equipment should be properly maintained and inspected regularly to confirm that it is in safe working condition.

  • All equipment should be used as intended.

An unsafe environment can lead to expensive costs of repairs, including incremental damage that can cost about ten times that of the cost of forklift repairs. Adding a Toyota Planned or Full Maintenance plan can help you ensure the excellent and safe working condition of your forklift and reduce these costly, incremental repairs. By making sure these precautions are in place, you will help protect your employees and your equipment.

For more information on staying safe while operating forklifts, visit your local Toyota Forklift Dealer.

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