Features of the Toyota Loaded Container Handler

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You already know the Toyota Loaded Container Handler is a robust workhorse that maximizes uptime and productivity comfortably, but how does it do that? A Cummins diesel engine, three-speed powershift Dana transmission and load sensing hydraulic system power the Toyota Loaded Container Handler, but those aren’t the only features that make the Loaded Container Handler a beast.

The Loaded Container Handler features:

  • Cummins 10.8 liter, 330 HP turbocharged diesel; Tier III-compliant

  • Charge air cooler with side-by-side integral radiator and transmission oil cooler for maximum heat dissipation, air flow and serviceability

  • Two-stage heavy-duty air cleaner with electronic filter restriction indicator and high air intake providing maximum efficiency

  • 12-volt electrical system with 12-volt starter motor and alternator for dependable starting and operation

  • Two 12-volt industrial batteries in parallel for reliable starting in all conditions

  • 95-amp alternator with built-in regulator

  • Bolt-on high capacity fuel tank for increased run times and ease of maintenance: 150 gallons

  • Dana 36,000 powershift transmission with three forward/reverse speeds

  • Electronic declutch system for load shifting

  • Dedicated transmission oil cooler

  • Electronic joystick control allows smooth, comfortable, controlled operation of all functions

  • Load-sense “on demand” steer pump increases vehicle efficiency; 27 percent more fuel efficient than individual gear pumps

  • High-capacity hydraulic return filter with electronic restriction indicator for maximum efficiency

  • Dedicated external hydraulic oil cooler for reliable performance

  • Bolt-on high-capacity hydraulic tank provides additional cooling capabilities and ease of maintenance: 160 gallons)

  • CANBus control simplifies wiring; provides diagnostic capabilities

  • Accumulator in lift circuit protects against abrupt load shifting

Yes, the Toyota Loaded Container Handler is an attractive piece of equipment, but it’s what on the inside that counts. It’s your productivity and uptime that matters most. With all these features added specifically for durability and maximum efficiency, you can count on the Toyota Loaded Container Handler to be one of your business’ best allies.

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