Five Reasons to Buy a THD Electric Cushion Forklift

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In terms of sheer power, the THD Electric Cushion Forklift is second to none when it comes to heavy-lifting indoor operation. But we can’t wait to show you 5 more reasons why this all-electric livewire should be on your yearly budget.

High Capacity Electric Cushion ForkliftIt keeps your fleet electric. Up to 40,000 lbs. lifting capacity. You’ve heard that before. But without burning fuel? The THD Electric Cushion Tire forklift is an all-electric product that gives you the power of other machines while cutting fuel costs. Ideal for indoor spaces, this heavy-duty forklift also drastically cuts the overall emission output in manufacturing and warehouse facilities, meaning specialized products like large paper rolls won’t be impacted by fuel fumes. That also means eliminating the noise of gas-burning engines, reducing the distracting effects of noise on operators and pedestrians.

It has an optional integral side shifting fork positioner that will maintain rated capacity even when forks are moved. The thing about high-capacity loads? They aren’t always in the ideal shape like a square pallet. When you buy a Toyota THD Electric Cushion Tire with added integral side shifting fork positioner, you can make your forks narrow to slide into rolled steel or other narrow loads. And you won’t sacrifice capacity to do it.

Its digital instrument display helps operators understand how the forklift is functioning. When lifting the capacities the THD Electric Cushion forklift can handle, it’s a good idea to have an understanding of how that load is being handled. Toyota provides a standard digital instrument display that offers service, battery, and temperature information to the operator. This can help operators use their lifts for maximum efficiency.

It has low battery lift interrupt, meaning your lift motors are protected. Lifting heavy loads with low batteries can result in voltage damage to your motors. With the THD Electric Cushion’s low battery lift interrupt system, your operators won’t be able to lift loads when the battery runs low. This protects your investment and lets your operators know it’s time to charge.

Standard fingertip controls means operators will have total control while being comfortable in the pilot’s chair. Having to move around in the seat of a forklift can be a literal pain for the operator. Doing that all day can cause serious ailments that lead your operators to lose efficiency or need to leave the forklift idle. Protect your employees and protect against lift downtime with the THD Electric Cushion Tire forklift from Toyota.

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