Five Reasons to Buy a Toyota THD Cushion Forklift

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High-Capacity Cushion ApplicationWhen some people think heavy lifting, they think the great outdoors. But here at Toyota, we know heavy lifting can sometimes be an inside job. Heavy car parts need moving in a factory? Steel sheets that need to get to the line? The High-Capacity IC Cushion tire forklift has you covered. Here are five reasons to buy this marvel of a machine.

You’ll get massive power. The THD Cushion forklift offers weight capacities from 18,000 to 22,000 lbs. With a weight capacity that high and tires that won’t damage shop floors, this heavy-duty lift is the complete package.

It has an optional integral side shifting fork positioner that will maintain rated capacity even when forks are moved. High-capacity loads don’t always come tied up with a bow. It’s not always as easy as entering a pallet and moving it. That’s why the Toyota THD Cushion with added integral side shifting fork positioner lets you alter fork position to pick up narrow objects without giving up rated capacity.

A load sensing hydraulic system adjusts power so you have just the right amount when you need it. You need your lift to give you it’s all just at the right moment. The THD Cushion forklift comes equipped with load sensing hydraulics that identify when you have a heavy load and transfer all the necessary power to the lift motors.

It’s engineered for operator visibility. The thing about big loads is that they’re, well, big. When handling very heavy materials it’s even more important to have good lines of sight on both the load and the clearance space around it – to each side, above, and below. That’s why the THD Cushion forklift comes with a high-visibility, two-stage mast. Keep both your operators and other associates safer by sustaining operator’s ability to see clearly.

It’s both rugged and compact. Made with a reinforced, welded chassis and impact resistant side thrusters, the THD Cushion is built to last in brutal indoor environments. But it’s also compact enough to easily fit into your day-to-day operations. Take charge with Toyota versatility and durability.

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