Five Reasons to Buy the Toyota THD Large Cushion Forklift

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Who says you don’t need to lift big things inside? Our highest capacity forklifts have often been sold for outdoor use. But no more. The Toyota THD Large Cushion forklift can help you tackle even the largest indoor jobs. But why else should you buy this indoor giant? Here are five reasons:

High-Capacity IC Cushion ApplicationIt’s the most powerful indoor forklift in Toyota’s line-up. Toyota strives to be your full-line supplier for any application. For indoor users who have high-capacity loads, this is the biggest lift we have to offer. With load capacities from 23,000 to 100,000 lbs., we can help you get the big jobs done.

It has an industry-leading Dana 3-speed transmission. Gradeability rating on big trucks is one of the key factors to consider during purchase. With a Dana manufactured transmission that offers three forward and three reverse speeds, you will maintain your versatility to handle slopes and grades while moving high-capacity loads.

It has an engine management system to regulate performance. When lifting capacities of up to 100,000 lbs., it’s a good idea to know what’s happening with your engine. The THD Large Cushion forklift comes with an engine management system that regulates performance and alerts you to issues before they occur. This protects your engine and your investment.

It has an optional integral side shifting fork positioner that will maintain rated capacity even when forks are moved. The thing about high-capacity loads? They aren’t always in the ideal shape like a square pallet. When you buy a Toyota THD Large Cushion Tire with added integral side shifting fork positioner, you can make your forks narrow to slide into rolled steel or other narrow loads. And you won’t sacrifice capacity to do it.

It’s easy to maintain. Thanks to a hydraulic multi-gauge and easy to access panels and filters, the THD Large Cushion is an easy-to-maintain machine. It also comes equipped with a digital instrument display panel that alerts you to maintenance needs. That can mean a major decrease in fleet downtime.

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