Fork Safety for Forklifts

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Fork StressA demonstration of weight distribution on forks

Extend the life of your forks with these quick tips

Fork Safety Tips:

  • Low and slow. Anytime you’re moving, keep your forks no more than six inches off the ground and move slowly through the warehouse. Be careful not to drag your forks on the ground, however, because that can shorten the lifespan of your forks.

  • Carefully maintain your forks. Make it a habit to check your forks every during every inspection and maintenance cycle, as designated in your operator’s manual. If your forks appear to be bent, it’s time to replace them.

  • Stick with your load capacity. Don’t ever try to push your load capacity. Remember, your forks are only made to lift as much as your forklift says they are and trying to lift more could result in dropping a load.

  • Only use your forks to lift. Your forks are made to lift and that’s it, so don’t try to push things or pry things open with them. Using your forks irresponsibly could cause damage making them vulnerable to dropping loads.

Maintaining your forks and using them responsibly will keep them working as they should and the operator safe. Replacement forks are readily available at your Toyota forklift dealer through Toyota’s one-stop-shop STARLIFT Parts program.

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