Forklift Accessories: Spotlights

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Forklift Spotlight

Spotlights are quickly becoming one of the most popular accessories on Toyota forklifts. This is an application-specific option, but it is proving very useful, particularly in warehousing applications and environments where visibility is obstructed by shelving or racking and the forklift is often operated in reverse.

Forklift spotlights are most commonly used in noisy applications and in environments where a number of forklifts are in close operation and the back-up alarms are hard to hear or hard to decipher where it is coming from.

If you find your application similar to any of these situations, a blue spotlight might be a great addition to your Toyota forklift. The blue LED light, which mounts to the forklift overhead guard, will shine down behind the forklift. This helps alert pedestrians and other forklift operators that you are in the area, despite how dirty or loud your environment may be.

If your application is a fit for blue lights, talk to your local Toyota forklift Dealer about after market install options or factory-installed options on your next purchase.

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