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Toyota Forklift SeatOur primary focus at Toyota is always on people. Forklift operators are the backbone of any successful material handling operation. So what happens if your forklift operators can’t work because of discomfort, pain, or injury? Injured employees mean a hurt business.Not only does the associate suffer, their productivity drops off and costs skyrocket.

New ergonomic seating comes standard on Toyota forklifts.

Operators working 8-12 hours shifts are completing repetitive tasks on a daily basis. Over an extended period of time, an uncomfortable forklift seat can lead to increased strain on the operator. Strain leads to pain. Pain leads to injury. And injured employees lead to decreased productivity.

Worn Forklift SeatTo reduce strain, we put our seats through extensive testing to make sure that they conform to the forklift operator’s body. We also offer advanced technology options such as lumbar supports and back adjustments to ensure the comfort of operators.

Old forklift seats take durability as their primary objective. Toyota’s ergonomic seat designs help keep operators healthy and productive while maintaining excellent durability standards,maximizing your ROI.

Other features of Toyota ergonomic seats.

  • Head, shoulder, and neck guards that can help protect operators from the dangers of forklift tipovers and other accidents

  • Side bolsters to help keep operators secure in the forklift seat in case of a tipover.

  • Armrests to ensure operator comfort.

  • Swiveling base to reduce strain on the operator’s back from unnecessarily turning their body.

Toyota Genuine forklift seats possess industry-leading design that you can’t afford to miss.When it’s time to replace your old forklift seats, contact your local Toyota dealer, and keep your operators moving.

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