Secure Operator Safety - Maintain Your Driving Surfaces

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Forklift safety means keeping close watch on the state of your warehouse floor and other driving surfaces. Forklifts are heavy machinery and ignoring floor damages in your facility can lead to serious safety issues for operators. A forklift can weigh close to five times the weight of a Toyota Camry when it is carrying its full capacity. That’s 14,000 lbs. of heavy equipment driving on your warehouse floors. If the floor can’t support the weight of your forklift, an accident can occur at any moment.

Many forklift operators’ tasks require that they drive lifts onto trailers. Trailers with rotted and cracked floors should never be driven on under any circumstances. The risk of a fall through is too great and the safety of your operators will be put at risk.

Beyond checking the structural integrity of your warehouse and trailer floors, additional precautions should be taken to ensure that forklifts will not slip during acceleration or braking. Loose saw dust, spilled liquids, and obstructions like misplaced boxes and pallets all serve to undermine the safety of your operators and others in your facility.

Floor loading specifications are available from your forklift manufacturer. Contact your local Toyota Dealer today with any additional safety questions.

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