Forklift Safety: How to Prevent Common Forklift Accidents

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Forklift Safety TipsThe first step in addressing forklift safety is recognizing where and why accidents most frequently occur and how to prevent them. Below is a list of common forklift accident causes. If you recognize any of these issues at your workplace, address them immediately and put safety policies in place to help avoid potential accidents.


  • Excessive speed

  • Riding with the load elevated

  • Improper backing up technique

  • Improper turning, breaking or accelerating

  • Improper warning notifications

  • Poor communication

  • Riding on forks

  • Horseplay/stunt driving

Corporate Policy

  • Lack of proper training

  • Time constraints

  • Lack of proper equipment

  • Poor forklift maintenance

  • Age of forklifts


  • Malfunction of brakes, steering or transmission

  • Leaks in hydraulic systems

  • Poorly stacked pallets

  • Pallets in need of repair

  • Too heavy of a load

  • Unstable load

Workplace Design

  • Tall, narrow aisles

  • Crowded or cluttered aisles

  • Obstructions at intersections and doors

  • Volume of traffic in work area

  • Working and walking in same general area

  • High noise and/or poor lighting

  • High grade ramps and multiple surfaces

For more information on forklift safety and accident prevention, or for assistance tackling one or more of these issues at your work site, contact your local Toyota Forklift Dealer.

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