Forklifts: Leasing Industrial Equipment FAQ

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Forklift Leasing

What is a forklift lease?

A forklift lease allows you to use a forklift in your facility for a defined period of time without actually owning the unit.

Why lease?

Leasing allows you to maximize the use of material handling equipment while minimizing the impact on a business’ cash flow. It is a great option if you don’t want the commitment of owning a forklift or a fleet, if you want the latest state-of-the-art model and you want to preserve capital.

What kind of support will I get when I lease a forklift?

First, a dealer representative will assess your facility and working environment to help you choose the right equipment for the job. After selecting the equipment that best fits your needs, a financing package will be created that also matches the needs of your business. Once your forklift arrives, you will sign the finance contracts and begin using your Toyota forklift. Both your forklift dealer and your lender are available to answer any questions you have, or follow up on any issues that may come up.

Is maintenance included in a forklift lease?

Maintenance is not always included. We recommend adding a planned maintenance (PM) plan to your lease. Including maintenance in your lease limits any additional charges at lease end. Some lenders, such as Toyota Commercial Finance, can sometimes raise the residual value if maintenance is included.

How much money do I need up front?

There is generally little or no money due at signing.

Can I buy the forklift after the lease ends?

Yes, there are lease options that allow you to purchase the forklift at a fair market value after your lease ends.

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