Frequently Asked Questions About Forklifts

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How should I know which forklift I need?

You’re right in asking this question, because having the right forklift for your application and work environment is imperative for safety and productivity. And, the line of Toyota Forklifts is extensive. If you don’t know which forklift you need, don’t worry. Every Toyota Forklift dealer has salespeople on staff who are qualified to do a site survey at your location. The site survey will identify the forklift, or forklifts, that will be best for you and your business based on your unique needs. To get started, try our Find-A-Forklift tool.

What attachments can I add to my forklift?

It is important that you purchase your forklift attachment from the forklift manufacturer and that the manufacturer installs the attachment too. Toyota offers a number of forklift attachments for various applications. However, it’s important to know that adding attachments to your forklift can, and likely will, change the capacity rating. Anytime attachments are added to a forklift, the data plate should be updated to reflect the change in capacity rating.

How often does my forklift need maintenance?

Your best bet is to sign up for a planned maintenance agreement when you purchase your Toyota Forklift. A planned maintenance agreement ensures that your forklift will be maintained at the proper times by a qualified Toyota Technician.

Does it really matter which replacement parts I put on my forklift?

The truth is, yes. Your Toyota Forklift came complete with all Toyota Genuine Parts. If you start putting will-fit parts on your Toyota Forklift, you’re really compromising its durability and long-term value.

Where can I get certified to operate a forklift?

Contact your local Toyota Forklift dealer. Many Toyota Forklift dealers offer training of their own, but if the dealer nearest you does not, they will be able to point you in the right direction of effective forklift operator training.

If I get trained to operate a forklift once, am I certified forever?

No. According to OSHA, when you get certified to operate a forklift, you’re only certified until:

  • You’ve been observed operating the forklift in an unsafe manner.

  • You’ve been involved in an accident or near miss accident.

  • You have received an evaluation that revels you were not operating the forklift safely.

  • You are assigned to drive a different forklift than you were originally trained on.

  • A workplace condition changes that could affect safe operation of the forklift.

When should I replace my forklift?

We talk a lot about useful versus economic life and that’s because knowing the difference is important to you and your bottom line. Your forklift could be useful for a lot longer than it is economical, but it’s best to replace when it starts costing you money.

How can I buy a forklift?

When it comes to new forklifts, you have three options, you can rent, lease or buy, and there are many resources on the Toyota Forklift website for deciding which of the three is best for you and your business. Of course, you can also purchase a used forklift, but you need to be sure the person or place you’re purchasing from is reputable, because forklift malfunctions can be very dangerous.

For more information, to Request A Quote or for pricing, parts & more, click here to find a dealer near you.


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