Forklift of the Future

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Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) launched the world's first internal combustion hybrid forklift, the Geneo Hybrid in Japan in 2009. Toyota is working on a line of environmentally friendly and recyclable vehicles, including the industry’s first fuel cell forklift, the Toyota FCHV-F prototype.

Toyota Hybrid forklift

The Toyota Hybrid forklift combines the best of electric and internal combustion technology, taking advantage of the strengths of each power source. The forklift combines an internal combustion engine, electric generator and battery in a design that allows the engine to operate with optimum fuel/emissions efficiency. The forklift shifts automatically between battery and engine modes, simultaneously recharging the battery during operation. The result, a forklift that cuts emissions in half and is twice as fuel efficient.

Toyota Hydrogen Fuel Cell Forklift Prototype

Toyota is committed to constantly developing new and better technologies that raise the bar in terms of safety, reliability and performance. For example, the company is currently working on a line of cleaner and recyclable vehicles. A prototype of the industry’s first fuel cell forklift, the Toyota FCHV-F, was developed by Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) in cooperation with Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC). Using hydrogen as its main power source, the Toyota FCHV-F produces electricity without combustion and generates zero carbon dioxide emissions. Toyota continues to advance its fuel cell technology and plans to bring a fuel cell forklift to market in the future.

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