How to Tell When a Forklift Needs Service

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Regular service inspections can prevent big headaches. Here are a few tell-tale signs your forklift needs serviced:

  • RepairmanYour forks are worn, cracked or bent. Damaged forks can lead to damaged loads. Take the forklift out of service and check the forks immediately. Replacement forks are readily available at your Toyota dealer.

  • The mast jerks or catches when moving up or down. The mast should function smoothly. If it does not, you may need to lubricate the mast surfaces and fittings. Failure to address this early can cause expensive hydraulic problems and potentially permanently damage your mast.

  • Your chain is worn, kinked or rusted. If your chain is damaged, you could experience chain failure and risk damaging product or other components on the forklift. Take the forklift out of service and check the chain for weak points. This is a common issue Toyota Certified Technicians face daily. Call your Toyota dealer to expedite the repair.

  • Your forklift is leaking oil. Check for internal and external leaks. You may need to replace the seals or the cylinder assembly to control the problem.

Make inspecting your forklift a part of your daily routine to help keep small problems from turning into big, and often expensive, problems later. If you are not already on a scheduled maintenance plan, make it a point to have your Toyota dealer out regularly to perform a basic service inspection.

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