Is a Pallet Jack Right for My Business?

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Rider Pallet JackPallet jacks are great complementary products to traditional counter-balanced forklifts, particularly in warehouse and distribution settings or in applications where space is an issue. Toyota offers a full line of electric pallet jacks, including walkies, end-controlled riders and center-controlled riders. In addition, Toyota also offers walkie stackers and walkie reach trucks.

Warehouse/Distribution Center:

  • Electric Pallet JackRuns under 50 feet – Depending on the weight and frequency, hand pallet jacks or electric walkie pallet jacks can be effective. The longer and more frequent the runs, the more likely an electric pallet jack is the more effective option.

  • Runs of 50 feet – Consider an electric walkie pallet jack. Toyota offers low and large capacity electric walkies.

  • Runs over 50 feet – For higher travel speeds during horizontal transport, consider an end-controlled rider pallet jack or center-controlled rider pallet jack. Multiple fork lengths are available to carry multiple or custom pallets for even more productivity.

Retail Stores:

Center controlled rider pallet jackElectric pallet jacks are useful for many retail applications that typically receive or load shipments under 6,000 lbs. An end-controlled rider is perfect for loading and unloading trailers.

Manufacturing Plant:

Electric pallet jacks are useful in manufacturing plants to transport parts and components to different areas of the line. A center-controlled rider pallet jack includes an operator compartment necessary for certain applications, but is still maneuverable enough to effectively navigate through the plant to deliver parts and equipment where they are needed.

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