A Clean Warehouse is a Safe Warehouse

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Toyota Warehouse safety tipsWith so many people, machines, and moving parts working together within the same warehouse, keeping your space tidy is critical to staying up and running – and to maintaining a safe working environment for employees.

Employees working in the same space as forklifts should be sure to remove debris from the area. Sawdust, packaging, and misplaced boxes or pallets can make navigating inside of designated areas difficult and increase the risk of slippage or tipover.

There are also risks to the internal functioning of forklifts when a warehouse is cluttered. Many forklifts are designed with cooling systems that suck up surrounding air near the ground, exposing their cooling systems to unnecessary risk of damage due to debris being sucked up. Forklifts can be damaged and overheat, putting forklifts, operators, and facilities at risk of harm. Toyota IC forklifts are designed to limit such risks. The air intake is positioned strategically high on the right rear overhead guard leg to limit dust and debris from entering the air cleaner.

Certain debris can also cause damage to a forklift’s steering or braking systems, which can jeopardize the life and safety of the forklift operator.

Occasional floor debris is inevitable. And when tight ground clearance is necessary for stability purposes, it can be easy for debris to get caught by a forklift. However, maintaining a clean warehouse is as simple as instilling strong housekeeping principles within your operators and other employees. It is up to everyone to play their part in keeping the work environment clean and safe.

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