Five Ways to Keep Your Forklift in Safe Condition

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Your forklifts should always be kept in safe working condition. It takes commitment, but doing so keeps operators and employees safe and keeps your forklift working better, longer.

Here are five ways to keep your forklifts – and employees – safe:

  1. Thoroughly examine your forklifts on a regular basis. Your forklifts should always meet the required OSHA (or CCOHS) standards if they are in use.

  2. Make daily check-ups a routine part of the workday. Before the beginning of a shift, complete an OSHA-required pre-inspection checklist to make sure the truck is safe to use. Check elements such as tire and chain quality, fluid levels, and the hydraulic system of the truck. If you notice any defects or see anything out of the ordinary, inform your supervisor right away.

  3. Have a maintenance plan in place. Doing so offers peace-of-mind and protection, which does a lot to take a load off your shoulders. Toyota offers both Planned Maintenance and Full Maintenance plans to help detect problems before they turn into serious issues.

  4. Know what common hazards are and how to prevent them. Whether it means knowing how and where to refuel your forklift to avoid fire and explosion or simply how to navigate a warehouse or distribution space when forklifts are present, informing yourself and your fellow employees will help create a culture of safety.

  5. Only let properly trained and authorized individuals operate a forklift. Toyota offers optional operator PIN log-in to help you ensure that only the experts are tacking material handling tasks.

Have questions about how to keep your forklift properly maintained and your workplace safe? Visit your local Toyota Forklift Dealer.

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