Leasing a Forklift: Eliminate Surprises

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You know the drill – you purchase a forklift, you use it for a predetermined period of time and then you sell it. Ideally, you would sell it quickly and for exactly what you think it is worth, but the truth is, that never happens. When you sell the forklift, you will ultimately have to sell it for less than its market value and that means taking a loss.

That is the benefit of leasing with Toyota Commercial Finance; when you lease a Toyota Forklift, there are no surprises.

Toyota Commercial Finance offers a closed-end lease, where the residual is fully guaranteed. This type of lease places no contingent liability for the residual on the customer and if Toyota Commercial Finance sells the forklift for less than the guaranteed residual, the company will take the loss, not the customer.

For more information on closed-end leases and what Toyota Commercial Finance can offer, visit your local Toyota Forklift Dealer.

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