Forklift Safety: No Laughing Matter

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Forklift safety is no laughing matter. Toyota makes it our priority to ensure that safety is at the forefront of all of our manufacturing processes and training efforts. But while safety comes standard at Toyota, it’s the responsibility of operators and their managers to be sure that Toyota forklifts are being used appropriately. When risks are taken in the name of having fun or joking around, accidents are bound to happen.
Toyota Safety: benefits of forklift safety training

Operators should monitor their personal behavior. But a good working environment means that operators are also looking out for each other as well. That means reporting inappropriate behavior when they see it. Here are a few clear examples of inappropriate forklift use for which operators and managers should be on the lookout:

  • Racing

  • Sitting on the counter-weight

  • Allowing passengers in either the operator cab or on the exterior of the lift

  • Lifting people with forks

  • Lifting unintended loads on the forks

  • Trying to distract an operator

  • Swerving in the vicinity of pedestrians

  • Adding people on the back of a lift to increase counter-weight

  • Turning off lights needed for operator visibility

At Toyota, we make industry-leading forklifts with a guarantee of quality, durability, value, and reliability. And our first priority is always your safety. If you or your associates need help recognizing appropriate and inappropriate forklift use, your local Toyota Forklift Dealer offers operator safety training. Stay safe, stay productive, and get the job done with Toyota.

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