Pneumatic Tire, Rough Terrain Forklifts

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Pneumatic tire forklifts are designed to drive on rough, uneven pavement. They are often used in construction sites to carry concrete blocks, logs/lumber, plywood and other building materials.

Toyota’s rough terrain forklift solution is the High-Capacity IC Pneumatic. Toyota’s Large IC Pneumatic is also a viable option in rough, outdoor applications.

4 Reasons an IC Pneumatic Forklift Makes Sense:


  1. You need a heavy-duty forklift to carry heavy loads. Toyota’s IC forklifts have a wide range of lift capacity. Toyota’s IC line can lift between 3,000-125,000 lbs..

  2. You need to drive over uneven ground. Pneumatic tire forklifts have inflatable tires, often times with with thick tread, to provide traction to drive over loose or uneven terrain. Toyota’s Large IC Pneumatic model has the option of dual front tires for added stability.

  3. Acceleration and top speed are important. IC-powered engines accelerate and go faster than other types.

  4. You want to handle routine maintenance and repairs. Most of Toyota’s outdoor line of forklifts are powered by IC engines, which are familiar to technicians.

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