Customer Satisfaction Survey Program

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MaintenanceWe could talk all day about the quality of a Toyota forklift, but we’re a little biased, so let’s check out what our customers have to say on some recent customer satisfaction surveys:

“We’ve had our Toyota forklift for years, and it’s still running great.”

“(Quality) is why we buy Toyota. We have tried others, but Toyota is the best! I drive a 1996 8000# T-5 with 19,600 hours – still original motor and transmission. Nice!!”

“The quality of equipment is outstanding compared to most in the industry for the life of unit.”

“Best trucks on the market!”

“This lift is an absolute pleasure to operate!”

Our customer survey results are pretty telling; Toyota has a great forklift for every application. Try one for yourself and be the next customer giving us glowing reviews on surveys!

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