Should You Purchase a Diesel Forklift?

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There are so many different kinds of forklifts available to purchase, it’s hard to know which option would be best for you. Knowing whether to buy diesel, gasoline or LP can be just another difficult decision. In order to help decide which is best for you, take a look at this list and see if you identify with any of the following statements. If you identify with two or more, a diesel forklift may be your best option.

  • ForkliftYou need a lot of power for big loads. If the things you’re lifting are extremely heavy, you may want to consider purchasing a diesel forklift.

  • You work somewhere very cold. If the climate of your working environment is very cold, diesel may be the necessary choice.

  • You work outside. Remember, diesel engines aren’t designed for extended indoor use. If you’re going to purchase diesel, it’s best to use it outside.

  • You need extreme productivity. Diesel forklifts are historically much more fuel efficient than gas forklifts. If you don’t want to have to gas up often, you may want to consider diesel.

  • You have a large work area. Diesel forklifts tend to be much louder than gas forklifts. If you’re working in a small environment, diesel probably isn’t best for you.

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