So You've Purchased a Toyota Forklift...Now What?

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So You’ve Purchased Your Toyota Forklift...Now What? Whether you’re a first time Toyota forklift Toyota Forkliftbuyer, or a seasoned veteran, you may be wondering what you need to do after purchasing your forklift. As with most things, the better care you take of your forklift, the better it will perform for you. So what should you do after your purchase? Consider these things.

  1. Read through the operator’s manual (FL manual). Your operator’s manual will help guide you on most decisions, such as when you should have your forklift serviced to optimize its lifespan or what is the maximum lift capacity. The information in the operator’s manual is vital to ensuring your forklift’s longevity.

  2. Make sure all operators are trained. Your forklift operators are your front line, the better trained and better equipped, the stronger your front line will be.

  3. Get a maintenance plan. This is the single most important issue to extend the life and lower the overall cost of ownership of your Toyota forklift. Invest in your forklift and you will benefit in the long run.

  4. Only use Toyota Genuine Parts. When it comes time to replace forklift parts and components, don’t be fooled by low-cost generic brands. To keep your Toyota forklift running like a real Toyota, only trust Toyota Genuine Parts.

The most important partner after the sale is still your Toyota dealer. Contact your dealer with any questions or issues and ask about their aftermarket services or Toyota Genuine Parts to find how they can fit into your business plans.

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