System Of Active Stability Myths Debunked

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System of Active Stability The System of Active Stability (SAS), which is unique to Toyota and comes standard on most Toyota forklifts, has been created to assist in safety.  Unfortunately, there are some myths floating around about the system simply aren’t true.

Let’s debunk them.

Myth #1: SAS causes forklift operators to drive unsafely.

Truth: Any properly trained forklift operator is capable of operating a forklift safely. Properly trained forklift operators understand that even with SAS, it’s important to operate the forklift safely.

Myth #2: There are 3,000 sensors in the SAS.

Truth: There are only 14 sensors in the SAS. Those 14 sensors automatically monitor the forklift 3,000 times per minute.

Myth #3: SAS must be inspected every 40 hours.

Truth: SAS actually only requires a 30-second check every 250 hours.

Myth #4: Extremely high maintenance costs are associated with the SAS.

Truth: The average cost of a SAS is $17 per year.

Myth #5: SAS causes excess downtime.

There are 200,000 forklifts with SAS today and according to studies, those units have 99.7 percent up-time.

Toyota’s SAS is a positive improvement in forklift operation. Don’t let myths persuade you otherwise.


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