Top 5 Reasons to Lease a Forklift

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Similar to automobiles, forklifts can be purchased new, purchased used, leased or rented. When in the market for a new forklift, you ask yourself the question: Should I lease or should I buy? Overall, leasing is the most popular financing option at Toyota. Every application is different and your Toyota dealer is more than happy to help.Financial Services

Let’s look at the top 5 reasons many business owners choose to lease a forklift

  • They always want the latest state-of-the art forklift model.

  • They want flexible options in case needs change.

  • They want to preserve capital.

  • They only need a forklift for a clearly defined time or limited hours per day.

  • They don’t want the hassle associated with owning a forklift or fleet.

The lease vs. buy debate is only for you to decide. Ask yourself the important questions about your finances, how often you’re going to use your forklift and whether or not your jobs are stable. Make sure you make the best decision for you!


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