Toyota Forklifts: Outstanding Outdoor Products

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Outdoor operations require increased durability to handle materials in a variety of conditions. Rough pavement, dirt roads, and exposure to moisture can cause devastating issues if your forklift fleet is not designed to weather the challenges. And you still have a job to get done.

Toyota has a full-line offering of outdoor forklift products to meet your operational needs. With lifting capacities ranging from 3,000 to 125,000 pounds, The products offered feature thoughtful ergonomics that reduce operator strain and fatigue, many options to meet your specialized needs, and the renowned quality, reliability, durability, and value that come with the Toyota name.

Here are a few of the durable, hardworking Toyota outdoor products that can help transform your operation.

Core IC Pneumatic

Core Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire Forklift lifting stone pavers outsideOne of the most versatile forklifts on the market, the Toyota Core IC Pneumatic can lift up to 6,500 pounds and fit into most outdoor operations. The durable, ergonomic design make it an easy ride for hard work.


Electric Pneumatic

Toyota electric pneumatic tire forklift lifting pallets outsideThe Toyota Electric Pneumatic takes the benefits of your electric fleet into the great outdoors. With 80Vs of power and a rust proof options package, this impressive machine can lift up to 11,000 pounds.


Mid IC Pneumatic

mid ic pneumatic, toyota, forkliftRough roads at construction sites and lumberyards are no match for the Toyota Mid IC Pneumatic forklift. It can lift 8,000 to 11,000 pounds and has a host of specialized options available to meet your specialized needs.


Large IC Pneumatic

Lifting up to 17,500 lbs, the Large Internal Combustion Pneumatic Tire forklift is a workhorse when lifting lumber, bricks, piping and other heavy materials. Powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, this forklift can handle the most difficult conditions.Dually tires and impressive engineering make the Toyota Large IC Pneumatic forklift a sight to behold. With an impressive 17,500 pound lifting capacity and EPA certified engines, this workhorse is up for meeting the toughest material handling challenges.


High-Capacity IC Pneumatic

High-Capacity Internal Combustion Pneumatic Forklift application125,000 lifting capacity. An integrated monitoring system. The Toyota High-Capacity IC Pneumatic forklift is a behemoth built to handle the biggest jobs. From lumberyards to heavy stone and metal works, the impressive muscle of the High-Capacity IC makes it a powerful addition to the Toyota product line.

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