Toyota's Safety First Approach

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safetyfirstToyota has proudly taken on the role as the industry leader to develop technological innovations to improve forklift safety. Toyota officially took on that role back in 1999, when Toyota’s System of Active Stability (SAS) was first introduced on the 7-Series internal combustion models and pneumatic electrics. Since then, SAS and Active Mast Control (AMC) technologies are integrated into most of Toyota’s internal combustion and 4-wheel electric sit down counterbalanced models.

Although a few forklift manufacturers have attempted to improve forklift safety by integrating minor mechanical changes into their new products, no manufacturer has yet to develop technology that rivals Toyota’s SAS and AMC technologies.

Toyota emphasizes the proven benefits of its innovative forklift safety features along with the importance of operator safety training-the first line of defense in reducing forklift related incidents.

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